This past Saturday night (04-07-12) on Z94's Altered State we had the opportunity to speak with Bobby 'Blitz' Ellsworth of Overkill about the new album, the upcoming U.S. tour and how after all these years Overkill remains one of the most popular trash metal bands of all time.

You can always count on Overkill to deliver the goods, their latest offering 'The Electric Age' brings three decades of absolute mastery and thrash metal know how to the masses. Overkill have hammered out on the anvil of experience a hardened and razor sharp sound that is meant to be listened to at excessive decibels!

Unlike a lot of artists these days Overkill is both relevant and reliable. You know what to expect from an Overkill album with that signature sound and vocals. While everyone else wants to follow trends, play what's popular or fall off the deep end of artistic expression.

Overkill remain defiant and absolute in their commitment to metal and that Overkill sound. Sure there's been line-up changes throughout the years and the band continues to push the boundaries and break new ground musically, but they always keep that core sound of what made this band great to start with.

"Overkill has never had an identity crisis. We know who we are and to chase something else would just kill the purity", 'Blitz said  "This is who we are, love it or hate it."

As a bonus you can check out the radio interview!

Now that the new album has been released they'll be hitting the road soon in support of the new disk  with God Forbid, Sui Dakra, Diamond Plate, Bear Witness and Enormicon for the 'Killfest" 2012 tour. So far the closest date and location to us will be the Trees Club in Dallas, TX. on (05-06-12) In the meantime check out the official video for 'Electric Rattlesnake' the first single from the new album 'The Electric Age' in stores and online now!