Bullet racing. It's a phrase, that when paired with a video title, is almost irresistible to click on. Though, it's pretty apparent within a few seconds, these guys are learning common knowledge about firearms. Even though they're living it up in Commiefornia, where guns have an evil mind of their own, it's still good they're open to learning about fun things like this.

Naturally, the .416 Barrett round is the dead obvious fastest. Rifles are (almost) always faster than pistols. The AK shot proves it is a barrel hopping hunk of absolutely reliable junk. The 9mm was built for speed, and the trusty .45ACP did it's detrimental thing... The real money shot seems to be lost though. It's the melons. Seeing that compared carnage across some very diverse rounds would have been awesome, as they all have different ballistics. Maybe next time.

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