I can't believe I'm about to say this, but, back in my day... car shows were an all-day event that started late in the morning and went through the wee hours of the next morning. At least that's how it was at all of the car shows we participated in during the mini-truck craze.

We'd traditionally have a Main Street cruise the night before. Cops would close down the road and we'd all take laps for the tons of people that would show up to see the cars. The car show took place the next morning and we weren't allowed to set up in our local city lake any earlier than about 10 AM.

We'd pack ice chests and snacks, walk around a little bit, see the other rides across the show, talk smack to the competing local car clubs, and party into the night Fast & Furious 'Race Wars' style... I guess as we've all gotten older, the car shows happen early in the morning with a stiff shot of coffee.

While it may happen early, don't get to thinking it's some meek and mild bunch of old dudes sitting around talking about the weather and how much better the cars used to look... Things do get wild in the small town of Apache.

Not only will you be able to get a bite of breakfast, but you'll get to walk around and talk shop with all sorts of car-culture personalities.

Some like to bring amazingly restored antiques, others show up in ultra-modern muscle cars. Muscle trucks are starting to make a comeback 20 years after the far-fetched Fast & Furious movies pushed the culture to imports, but it's all pretty neat to take in, especially when it's free for the whole family.

With the next event happening in less than two weeks, you still have time to make a plan to show up and take it all in with the kiddos. Here's the event page for all of the details.

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