Last Friday (03-15-13) Treyarch, the game developers behind Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 along with Activison released a series of micro items or multiplayer content called:  'Personalization Packs' The new micro D.L.C. (downloadable content) will allow C.O.D gamers to further personalize and customize their gaming experience!

All of the micro items are optional, and for the most part are esthetic in nature. None will imbalance game play in any way, it's more about looks and personal preference.

Have you ever wanted a different camo for your favorite weapon, other than what's currently available? Do you want more choices when it comes to the reticles you use with various scopes and sights? Wish you could show your patriotism with an American flag calling card? How about needing more create-a-class slots, the ability to archive and save more emblems, screenshots and films. Well now you can with 'Personalization Packs'.

At this time all 'Personalization Packs' and all the micro items are only available to Xbox 360 live players and subscribers. Treyarch and Activision plan to release the new D.L.C's on additional formats: Ps3, Wii and P.C. at a later date. More than likely a month from now, which is why I prefer Xbox over other consoles or P.C.

There are several different 'Personalization Packs' to choose from and can be purchased separately. The weapon customization packs include a weapon camo, 3 different reticles and a calling card that matches the camo all for just 160 MSP (Microsoft Points) Buy 1 or buy them all! There's Jungle Warfare, Benjamins, Dia de los Muertos, Graffiti, Kawaii, Party Rock, Zombies, Viper and without a doubt one of the coolest weapon camos ever BACON! Yes you can have a bacon camo on your gun of choice. Does it get any better than that? I think not!


Along with the 'Personalization Packs' for weapons you can also purchase the 'Extra Slots Pack' that will allow you additional create-a-class slots, enable you to archive 20 more emblems, 32 more films and 40 more screenshots! All this for just 160 MSP!

The 'Flags of the World Calling Cards' is another micro item or personalization pack that breaks down National flags by region,  all countries are represented. You can purchase them for 160 MSP each so you can let your freak flag fly!

Once Treyarch and Activision released the 'Personalization Packs' they also made available FOR FREE 'Nuketown 2025'. Originally a pre-order only item, it's now ready to download and play for everyone! Just head to the in game store and download it to your console, it won't cost you a dime!

Not just 'Nuketown 2025' you can now purchase 'Nuketown Zombies' as well. This premium content was originally only available to 'Hardened' and 'Special Edition' copies of the game or 'Season Pass' holders. You can now get it as a stand alone for just 400 MSP!