The new Call of Duty Modern Warfare looks to be one of the greatest and most realistic titles in COD franchise history. The detail this game has is second to none. Game developers have really delved deep into all aspects of being in the military, no detail no matter how small, mundane or insignificant was left out. This game will be the closest you'll ever get to being an actual soldier without enlisting.

I haven't played any Call of Duty titles in a while, I grew bored of it a few years ago and haven't returned. It really became monotonous with the game modes, maps, weapons and not to mention all the extra add-ons required to keep playing and be competitive. I got really tired of shelling out more and more cash several times a year for all the DLC packs. However after see what's in store for the next Modern Warfare I think I'll jump back in and grab a controller and round up the old team to wreak some havoc.

I can't get over just how realistic the game-play looks. I mean usually it's just run around and shoot at each other, maybe play an objective game mode like: capture the flag, domination, search and destroy or free-for-all. But this is taking it to a whole new level. I have to get it on Wii especially with the new COD remote control option. "A 17 pound Wii remote shaped like an M249 machine gun that you must carry at all times, but cannot fire without explicit orders." Now that sounds like a good time. I can't wait to fill out reports, go on random patrols and be plagued by weapon and vehicle maintenance.

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