We finally have a sneak peek of the new Red Dead Redemption 2 Halloween Pass for 2020. The BIG ANNOUNCEMENT came today (10-20-20) from Rockstar Games. Starting today through Monday, November 16th 2020 (11-16-20) you can purchase the Halloween Pass and unlock all kinds of new and creepy items, masks, themes and  even special content locations including a spooky Halloween picture booth.

It's a limited time offer and you'll only have a few short weeks to make the most out of the Halloween pass. The good news is all the stuff you unlock you get to keep even after it's all over. There's more details on all the content you can expect from the new DLC (Downloadable Content) at the official Red Dead Redemption site. It looks like it'll be a good time and there's some pretty good stuff you can collect up and hold onto.

The Halloween pass is for Red Dead Online only so none of the single player or mission modes will be included. I know most players were hoping for Undead Nightmares part 2, hopefully that will come to pass eventually. What would be ideal is for Undead Nightmares 2 to cover both a story mode and online, now that would be awesome!

Along with Red Dead, Rockstar Games will also have some special Halloween content for GTA-V (Grand Theft Auto Five) for the online community. It will include face paints, costumes, vehicles, masks and other creepy content. So it looks like we'll be getting some cool Halloween extras for both games just in time for All Hallows' Eve!

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