'Uprising' the new map pack / D.L.C (downloadable content) for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will be released on (04-16-13) for Xbox 360 with Ps3, Wii, P.C and other formats to follow.

This will be the second D.L.C for Black Ops 2. The new map pack  'Uprising' includes four all new multi-player maps: Magma, Encore, Vertigo and Studio.  PLUS and an all new zombie mode called 'Mob of the Dead'.

We were all hoping for another weapon to be a part of the new D.L.C. like the Peacekeeper SMG from the 'Revolution' map pack. Going forward I think Treyarch and Activision will use micro-item releases that will allow players to pick and choose various game add-ons individually, verses including them within a larger D.L.C release. Right now they have the 'Personalization Packs' that you can purchase with MSP (Microsoft Points) that include various weapon camos, calling cards and more. I have a feeling that any additional weapons, lethals or equipment that they plan to introduce will be addressed in this way. Which, in my opinion is probably the way to go. A lot of people complained about the inclusion of the Peacekeeper SMG as a part of the last D.L.C release, most gamers wanted to be able to purchase the weapon separately. Hopefully in the near future we'll see more micro-items.

Even without a new weapon or other customization item(s) the new D.L.C 'Uprising' has plenty to be excited about! With four new maps, one of which is a remake of a fan favorite from Black Ops 1 'Firing Range'. It's a personal favorite and I can't wait to see what they've done to recreate it. The re-envisioned 'Firing Range' is called 'Studio' and takes place in the back-lot of a Hollywood studio.

Another first for Call of Duty, the new map 'Magma' has lava flowing through a modern Japanese village that creates interactive hazards for players. The volcano erupts periodically changing the terrain and accessible cover, meaning the flow of the map and routes constantly erode. 'Encore' promises to be a very challenging map with a central stage and high ground that must be taken in order to be successful. 'Encore' is set in London at a large outdoor music festival amphitheater. The last multi-player map is located on a highrise in India. The skyscraper has a VTOL landing pad that players must cross into transportation terminals all while trying not to get shot or falling off the building. Finally as if that wasn't enough we also get the new zombie mode 'Mob of the Dead' that places you inside Alcatraz prison in a fight for your life against hordes of undead. Now that's a good time! Take a look at the official 'Uprising' preview: