The new D.L.C "Downloadable Content" for Call Of Duty: MW3 "Collection One" will be released this Tuesday, March 20th (03-20-12) for Xbox live with PS3 and PC to follow. The new maps and modes will be available at various game stores by purchasing code cards. You can also download them at the Xbox Live Marketplace by using various payment options including Microsoft Points, or just use the MW3 in game store to get the new D.L.C "Collection One".

With four all new multi-player maps: Piazza, Liberation, Overwatch and Black Box plus two all new special ops missions: Black Ice and Negotiator it really is the biggest content pack in Call Of Duty history. We finally have a complete overview of the D.L.C. with the official Call Of Duty: MW3 "Collection One" launch trailer. Check it out!