Mental health has become an epidemic across the country in most millennials' lifetimes. People need help they simply cannot get. In America, a common cause of untreated illness has been the cost, but in Oklahoma, it's more a lack of outlets to find help.

It's a common tale, especially in the smaller communities of the state. As more people enter the medical space of mental health, the trend of moving to larger cities has increased with those who earn those types of degrees.

This is the trend in my own hometown. A once-booming refinery town in Northern Oklahoma. After a series of big business mergers and splits, the population, median pay, and quality of life slowly dwindle across the board. As such, the search for quality mental health care forces those needing it to travel to towns like Tulsa and OKC just to seek the help they need.

This is the far bigger problem plaguing the Sooner State than most realize. Needing mental health help and not even having a single option for it in the vast majority of communities.

Cameron University has tackled this problem locally in Lawton. The Cameron Psychology Clinic opened to the public in 2016, offering real-world experience to students in the field while offering free and accessible mental health care to those who wouldn't necessarily be able to get it.

Due to the lack of mental health resources across most of the state, it's worth reminding the public that help is available to those who need it. Cameron offers this service to individuals, families, and couples in a setting overseen by licensed professionals.

If you or someone you know needs help in or near Lawton, here are the contact details for the clinic.

If you live in a different part of the state, or you'd rather find a local mental health outlet, here's a list of clinics throughout Oklahoma.

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