More and more, bands are starting to fall back on gimmicks to make up their lack of awesomeness. In a sense, instead of really hitting hard with fantastic tracks of catchy well written music, they make up the difference by being the spectacle on stage. Ghost for example... Decent band, two or three decent songs and one definite banger, but hoards of fans all over the world. It doesn't make sense, but then again, giving full benefit of the doubt, maybe I just don't get it. I don't understand how such a mediocre band has such devoted die hard fans that take the obvious marketing joke too close to heart.

Before I hop off on a wild tangent about Ghost and their alleged rocking, I'm gonna stay on point here. Gimmicks aren't just limited to rock or metal, it's a trend we've seen in every genre of music. Hell, they still have Ronnie James Dio touring as a hologram and the King has been dead for a decade. Whether it's cool or not doesn't matter, it's a gimmick. The same as smoke machines, face paint, flamboyant clothes, laser shows, long beards, emo hair, pyrotechnics, or even a reputation of being a hard partier. They're all gimmicks, but most of them are accepted and fully backed by legendary songs that will never die.

That all being said, I would pay money to see a show backed by a couple of Tesla coils. I'm not sure who the perfect band would be to do so, but I could see Lars talking Metallica into doing it. I would pay to see it, which is a huge compliment. I haven't paid to see a concert in fifteen years, but then again, this would be something both old and completely new.

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