By :  Tanika "T-Rock" Gentry

What would your quality of life be like if intense love making caused you to have seizures? What would you do if crying made you spontaneously lose all muscle control and collapse to the ground?  How would you feel if laughing hysterically made you pass out for several minutes at a time,  and when you woke up, you didn't remember what happened? What if this were to happen to you several times a day?

Anita, a 45 year old woman from Birmingham, U.K., suffers from a rare condition that causes her to have seizures if she becomes too stimulated while having sex. The disorder is better known as: Cataplexy. Cataplexy is a symptom of a chronic neurological disorder that causes sudden temporary loss of voluntary muscular function and tone, and is caused by an emotional stimulus.

Basically, too much stimulation can cause her (and anyone else who suffers from this disorder)  to have slurred speech, impaired vision, and complete muscle paralysis. Laughing, crying, anger, shock, feeling ashamed, experiencing stress, pain, and excitement are also triggers. Things like meeting your favorite band, watching a super sad chick-flick or a creepy horror film, hearing a gut busting practical joke, and yes, mind blowing intercourse are all off limits! Don't flatter yourselves guys,  you're NOT that great in's a brain condition.

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