Here's some gouda news for people who love cheese.

A new study by social networking and dating site Skout has found that folks who eat grilled cheese sandwiches have more sex than those who don't. Amazingly, this study comes out as National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day is coming up on April 12.

Here are the cheesy, ooey-gooey facts: 32% of people who like grilled cheese sandwiches have sex at least six times a month, more than the 27% of non-grilled cheese folks getting nookie at least half a dozen times each month.

What's more, 73% of grilled cheese supporters say they get it on at least once a month. That tops the 63% of grilled cheese haters doing the nasty.

About 84% of those who chow down on grilled cheese are more adventurous, which could mean many things. Perhaps they don't wear seat belts. Perhaps they go bungee jumping. Perhaps they take the grilled cheese into the bedroom and eat if off their partners' navels. Or perhaps, if they're really adventurous, they use rotten cheese, thereby closely straddling the line between adventurous and dangerous.

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