Whenever it comes to the topic of famed Oklahoma criminals, there's a fine line to be drawn between the Old West and prohibition-era outlaws and the modern-day murderers like that dude who chopped off his coworker's head in an OKC food distribution center.

Are they all criminals? Yeah... but there's a difference. Hollywood has spent years embracing the wild days of violent outlaws, putting a positive spin on their exploits. I can't even think of a day when cutting off a coworker's head will be romanticized.

From the early days of pre-statehood to modern-day Oklahoma, here are the Sooner State's most infamous.

The Sooner State's Most Infamous Okies

While most of the names might seem unfamiliar, there are more than a few infamous Oklahomans throughout our short state history. Here's the rundown.

Gallery Credit: Kelso

Here Are Oklahoma's Top 10 Okies

There's a trend floating around social media where people are listing their top Americans from history. A lot of them are based in the meme fashion, but others are indisputable. It has me thinking about who the greatest Oklahomans of all time might be. Here's a solid list we all agreed on.

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The Real Wild West Outlaws of Oklahoma

In the years before Oklahoma gained statehood, there was a major shift happening trying to convert the wilds of Indian Territory into a mild-mannered turn-of-the-century metropolitan place. It's amazing how many of America's famed outlaws made headlines in our state.

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Oklahoma's Lowest Paying Corporations

In no particular order, because it's hard to assign actual rankings without peeking at the books, here are the lowest-paying corporate businesses across the Sooner State.

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