There is no denying that kittens are pretty dang cute, but they all grow up to be a-holes. Some admire them for being "independent," but really, they're neurotic and narcissistic. They only allow you to interact with them when they want it. They snap between playful and vicious so fast, bipolar isn't a deep enough term to describe them.

For instance, in the video, this awesome little Scooby Doo looking pupper is just lounging away. Relaxing in an environment it feels safe in, getting in some ZZZ's when all of a sudden, the cat decides he needs to attack just because the dog, who is sleeping, autonomously lets a little ripper out. What's up with that? And the feline injustice doesn't end there...

If you find yourself thinking that you want a cat, take two big steps back and punch yourself in the face. Also, dogs less than thirty pounds are closer to being cats. Get a proper dog, just be aware of the dangerous breeds like poodles, dalmatians, and chihuahuas.

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