As we've already talked about, Columbus Day is a sensitive and tender subject, more so now than it has ever been... but that doesn't mean you can't celebrate it in your own way. Baby Boomers, Gen-Xer's, and Elder Millennials grew up with this holiday, can it really be tossed out the window?

Here's the thing, I don't think anybody would willingly deny the atrocities that occurred due to Columbus' "discoveries," but if it can be renamed to rightfully better represent the American spirit as Indigenous Peoples Day, can't we just choose to celebrate a different  Christopher Columbus all the same?

Chris Columbus is an American Hollywood writer, producer, and director that is responsible for tons of childhood classic films. Instead of celebrating what people call murderous colonization, make it a movie night. Chris Columbus' best films are as follows.

The Goonies

Name a more 80s movie than The Goonies... Regardless of which generation you were born into, I don't think there's a single kid over the age of 7 that hasn't seen this timeless classic.

Adventures In Babysitting

Don't confuse this classic for a chick-flick, it's a legit adventure/action caper from start to finish.

Home Alone

Name me a single kid that didn't watch 'Ole Kevin take on the Wet Bandits as if it were an instructional and educational film. I tried, repeatedly, to swing paint cans down the stairs of our family home too. I paid dearly for it, getting my back porch painted red, but it was worth it.


One of the greatest comedy/horror/holiday movies ever. It had everything. A loosely tossed-together backstory, a bumbling teenager experiencing responsibility for the first time, and Phoebe Cates. 10/10

Mrs. Doubtfire

There's a rumor that the studio has an R and NC-17 rated version of this classic because Robin Williams improvised so much in every take. They should release them to theaters.

Harry Potter

Yeah, Chris Columbus produced and directed a few of the Harry Potter films... What kid doesn't love the world of Harry Potter? Take the weekend, binge the whole franchise.

Christmas Chronicles

Part one and two, both from Chris Columbus.


I'm not exactly sure why people were so harsh on the stupidity of Pixels... It's an Adam Sandler movie... what did they expect?

The Percy Jackson Franchise

I admit I haven't seen any of these. They just never caught my particular attention being a kids movie too late into my adulthood, but if it's for the purpose of celebrating a new Columbus Day, why not?

Jingle All The Way

If you're starting to see a trending pattern of christmas here, you're not alone. Now, put the cookie down!

If you choose to celebrate it, have a happy Columbus Day.

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