The current forecast of temperatures isn't looking good at all. It's hot. It's going to remain hot and it's going to get even hotter for the next week. Desperate times call for desperate measures, here are a few cheap ways you can beat the heat.

Every 90s kid that played little league baseball can remember having one of these neck cooler things. It's a cheap bandana filled with jelly stuff that soaks up water and can hold its cool temperature for a surprisingly long time, even in direct sunlight. Buy yourself a few of them, toss 'em in the cooler or fridge for a few minutes, lay it on your neck, and since your arteries run so close to the skin, they'll keep you cool. Also works wrapping your forearms.

Before you laugh, plopping down in your very own personal pool is one of the greatest backyard ideas in history. Sure, you don't get to horseplay with your bros, but the point is staying cool while enjoying that vitamin D. Fill it up, hop in, as the water gets uncomfortably warm toss a bag of ice in there to keep you cool.

Alternatively, you could also put a bunch of margarita mixers in there and enjoy basking in your giant, refreshing, massive cocktail. It's pretty gross, but after a while, you'll stop caring.

While this may seem like some true Boomer stuff, you cannot deny making your own popsicles is both refreshing and money-saving. Instead of paying out for the delicious pre-made sugar-filled kind that will have you waking up at 3 AM to hit the head, opt for these.

I use those water bottle drink mixes, pink lemonade since I like the sour tart. Toss in some cut-up strawberries and you'll be in popsicle heaven while they last with a little fruit nugget surprise is you eat 'em. Pro-Tip: Clean the molds really well to achieve perfectly clear popsicles. Use tap water if you want it more slushy.

There is no better treat than a solid shaved ice on a brutally hot day and the machines that make them are stupid-cheap. Don't confuse this for a snow cone maker. If shaved ice is the thriving bull market economy, snow cones are Brandon's rampant inflation.

Snow cones make little granules of ice... Shaved ice is super fine and holds your syrups better and longer. Shaved ice is life.

Nothing says "Summer In Southwest Oklahoma" like homemade ice cream. Nothing fancy about it. A little cream, your preferred flavor, ice, a little salt and you're in for the best treat your back porch can provide. My family always crushes up strawberries for the mix, it always turns out amazing. Plus you get all of the fun family time as your kids ask you "Is it done yet?" a million times.

While it is hot, it's not that bad. The higher the temp goes, the less humidity there is meaning the more effective a little shade can be. I have a 92-year-old grandma that lives 90 miles west of Lawton in a house without air conditioning. She's got a point when she says "Modern people are just soft." Make your ice cream, enjoy the shave ice, and hop in your own personal pool. Beating the heat without scorching your electric bill is possible.

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