Just 40 miles North of Lawton, you'll find one of America's top 20 ranked holiday light displays. While most people tend to stay closer to home in the year of the pandemic, this is one evening out of town that won't cost much and you can enjoy it all while being socially distanced. After all, you'd be in the car with the same people you live with right?

The Festival of Light feature over 3.5 million twinkling lights, including the trippiest bridge you'll ever walk over. Honestly, it's enough to give me tunnel vision. I don't know if you've ever experienced that or not, it's crazy. Like in movies from the 90's where they zoomed out on the character but zoomed in on the background... A total mind trip. Regardless, it's still something to see, and you're welcome to walk around the park among the lights still, provided you do so following the rules and guidelines set forth by the powers that be.

It's especially fun when it good and cold. The water across the pond stays still, there's plenty of hot chocolate to keep you warm, and the lights endlessly go on for a good bit of family fun.

If you get the chance, take the short drive up I-44 and check out this free Festival of Light! If you can talk him into it, go with Critter. He'll keep the tunes blazing out of the stereo with his collection of Rat Pack Christmas tunes, and he'll get in character and serenade you the entire way there and back. It's really an interesting experience.

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