It's been a crazy few months.  The City of Lawton must have recognized that the implementation of its new Water/Utility payment system was fraught with tons of glitches and miscommunication.

Let's just face it, it was not the smoothest transition from one clunky system to another, virtually useless system.  I say useless because the new system doesn't really take your payments.  It's just a sleeker way to look at your account and your balance.  To actually make that payment, you still have to visit the same old clunky system operated by the City Of Lawton.  Questions continue about why we actually needed the new system anyway.  Was it just a way to charge more on our water bills to prepare us for the higher rates to come?  Perhaps.  That is a question for another day.

I, myself have had issues with the new program, trying, and failing several times to first, log into the system, then, when I was actually granted access, I couldn't get back into my City of Lawton account.  Needless to say, the frustration level is high.  I was concerned last month that I would have my water disconnected for non-payment because I could not get into the system to make payment.  I called the Water Department phone line and waited in line (54 people ahead of me), to let them know that I had just made a payment, and not to disconnect my service.  After one full hour on hold, trying to work while I waited, I was told with a giggle, 'Oh, we are not disconnecting anyone's services at this time.' Now that would have been nice to know in advance.

Well, those days are over my friend.  The City of Lawton announced Today, July 7th, that YESTERDAY, they have resumed those disconnections on unpaid utilities.  The press release is attached.

attachment-COL-Utility Cut Off Press Release Update-page-001(2)
attachment-COL-Utility Cut Off Press Release Update-page-002

I'm sure that there will be more discussions about the City of Lawton's utility bills. My hope is that citizens will get frustrated and contact their City Council Members and voice concerns over the lack of services, and increased prices, but that is just me being all optimistic.

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