The Lawton City Council met earlier this week on Tuesday (05-26-20) and discussed the return of water disconnects for nonpayment. If you're currently behind on your water bill you'll need to make arrangements to avoid having your service shut off. You can also get some assistance if needed to help cover the cost as there are programs set up to help like the CARES Act Utility Assistance program. However you must act quickly to avoid being disconnected.

The city waved all the late fees and postponed utility disconnections while in a state of emergency. The emergency order or proclamation has been allowed to expire so the Lawton Utility Services Division will now resume disconnecting water services for nonpayment. See the official press release below for additional details.


Letters are being mailed out now that detail the various options for paying your bill and how to receive assistance if needed.You'll definitely want to act quickly because once the letters are sent out the city will resume water shut offs starting on (06-08-20). The letter below is what you'll be sent if you're behind on your water bill.


See below for additional details on how to receive assistance from the CARES Act Utility Assistance program. The main thing is not to wait. Either pay the bill, make payment arrangements or get assistance prior to (06-08-20). Otherwise your water will be cut off and you'll be stuck having to pay even more money and get hit for additional re-connection fees. The city will work with you on getting your account back to current.

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