The City of Lawton will mandate that face masks must be worn in all city owned or run indoor properties starting this Wednesday, July 15th 2020 (07-15-20). Some of the facilities that you will have to wear a mask to enter include: Lawton City Hall, Lawton Police and Fire Departments, Library, The City Hall Annex building and any other indoor property that is owned and/or operated by the city of Lawton.

Recently the state and city have seen an increase in COVID-19 cases. Both local and state governments are amending plans and options to help combat the virus and hopefully reduce the number of infections. More and more privately owned businesses in and around Lawton, Ft. Sill are already requiring face masks or coverings to enter. With the recent spike in Corona-virus cases along with the upcoming influenza rise we see during the Fall/Winter months we can expect masks, social distancing and all the familiar CDC sanitation and hygiene practices to continue.

The city encourages you to continue to conduct day to day business via phone or online at as much as possible. There will also be some exceptions to the face mask rule for medical conditions and children under the age of three. Otherwise you'll need to be wearing a face mask or covering in order to gain entry into any City owned indoor properties.

A lot has changed since March when we first became familiar with COVID-19. Some suggest or would like to see everyone wearing a face mask went out of the house. Others disagree and resist mask mandates. So what do you think, should face masks now be mandatory in all public spaces?

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