UPDATE: We received a call this morning (06-08-21) from a public relations, or information officer on Fort Sill. They informed us that it was more than just one person who complained about the VBS (Vacation Bible School) sign. I guess several people complained which is why it was taken down. They also explained that if the sign or banner was hanging in front of the Frontier Chapel it wouldn't be an issue. However having it posted right outside the gate to Fort Sill was a problem. The original article is below:

A banner or sign promoting VBS (Vacation Bible School) at a church on Fort Sill has been removed due to a complaint. One complaint, just one, lead to the removal. The banner was hung at one of the entry gates onto Fort Sill, the Sheridan Road gate. It invited families with kids to VBS at the Frontier Chapel on post. It gave the dates, location and according to the complaint the offensive slogan: "Jesus power pulls us through." Well, that was just too much and caused an Oklahoma City attorney to file a complaint. Obviously this person has WAY TOO MUCH time on his, or her hands. There's nothing quite like creating chaos and controversy where there is none. Whoever this person is needs to find a "safe space" and do us all a favor...Just stay there!

The complaint caused the banner to be removed last week on Thursday, June 3rd (06-03-21). I guess this attorney did what all these hypersensitive safe spacers do. Continue to file complaints until they find someone who will listen. These types of people  don't stop with just complaints. They threaten lawsuits, boycotts and all other kinds of nasty actions unless someone bends to their will. More like everyone else bends to their will. There's no telling how far and high this person went with their complaints and threats but eventually they got their way. Which is why they do it, let's stop giving them their way!

They claimed that the sign or banner was offensive and wasn't inclusive to other faiths, denominations or even non-believers. That it appeared that the U.S. Military was promoting christian only values and endorsing the VBS event. So they took their complaint all the way to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. Then the lawyers got involved, ultimately the decision was made to remove the sign. One day and hopefully soon someone somewhere will stand up to these fragile, sensitive, easily offended people. The day is over due that we tell these people when they get upset and prepare for a temper tantrum: "Shut the hell up."

I've never once looked at a sign and thought: "Well, that doesn't included me or other people so I'm offended." Who the hell thinks that way? Not me that's for sure! I guess that's the biggest issue here. I just don't understand these people, at all. Being offended isn't the end of the world and just because you're offended doesn't mean the rest of the world agrees with you. And why is being offended such a big deal? I mean, so what you're offended, why is that my problem? This is crazy and it doesn't look like it's going to get any better any day soon. As a matter of fact I think it's getting worse.

Now this may offend some of you, but I have to say it. Just imagine if this banner were for a Islam, Hindu, Buddhist or even Atheist or Agnostic gathering or church and someone complained to get the sign removed. Well, I can tell you it wouldn't be removed because that would be discrimination. But, that same treatment doesn't apply to evangelical Christians. That's one of the most glaring issues with the whole "I'm offended" movement, it's ALWAYS ONE SIDED! I believe the U.S. Constitution and the First Amendment says: "Freedom OF, not FROM religion." Get over it and yourself...Or get back in your "Safe Space" you fragile agitator!

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