Earlier I shared that some Dad in New Jersey was upset with Target because he had taken his girls to the store and they saw a Princess Leia doll in her slave bikini with a chain around her neck. Target had not received any other complaints. My suggestion was - then don't buy it! Now we have a woman complaining to Costco about their dinosaur cake that has legs that look like the number '666'. Click here to see the doll.

Costco Dinosaur Cake

Jessica Eckerdt of Queen Creek, Arizona needed a cake for her son's sixth birthday recently, so she picked the dinosaur one out of the Costco catalog. But when she got it, she noticed something strange. The dinosaur only had three legs, and each one looked like a big number six so the cake said "666."

She says, "I was extremely shocked and upset to see a demonic symbol written clear as day on my six-year-old son's birthday cake . . . I was extremely surprised at Costco for allowing such an inappropriate joke."

Does she really think her 6 year old son noticed the "satanic symbol" on his birthday cake? All he saw was a cute little dinosaur cake with delicious green frosting that was going to stain his teeth and tongue.

Either way, Costco pulled the dinosaur cake from their catalog on Monday.

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