After writing about some of Oklahoma's most notorious speed traps yesterday, the hoard of email replies to me with statements like:

  • Just don't speed.
  • If you're not speeding, you have nothing to worry about.
  • Pay attention to the road.
  • Etc...etc....etc...

I realized some Oklahomies don't understand the concept of a speed trap. It's not an area where people happen to speed. It's a stretch of road specifically designed to entrap a driver for speeding.


It's like getting the deck stacked on you at the table. The most common traps are either the ascending or descending speed limits in and out of municipal "city limits."

You know, like when you're traveling the highway at 65 MPH, but then you have to slow to 35 MPH in what seems like three or four seconds. That's a speed trap designed to make money for a city.

Going out of the same town, maybe the speed limit stays at 35 or 45 MPH for a mile or so out of town. You haven't seen a speed limit sign since the Sonic in town so you assume you're good for highway speeds again... Nope, still 35 MPH. License and registration, please.

As I always do, that topic led down a path to another. I started to wonder what the current high-speed record is in Oklahoma as far as traffic infractions are concerned.

Some searches say 164 MPH, other's say 188 MPH, and the OHP website is of no help... but it does contain a lot of data about speeding.

Here's the quick rundown of the Oklahoma counties that issue the most 100+ MPH speeding tickets.

Oklahoma Counties Where Speeding 100+ MPH is Most Common

Do you often feel the need for speed? There's a theory about speeding, especially in the heartland of America... The less there is to see, the faster you want to get through it. It's a solid theory.

All the same, driving 100+ MPH down most of Oklahoma's highways might be more in line with a wild death wish, but many people do. Here's a quick list from OHP where speed demons are caught the most in the Sooner State.

Gallery Credit: Kelso

Notorious Oklahoma Speed Traps to Avoid

From the random single towns in certain areas to the unrelenting ticketing smorgasbord that is US-69, here is a rundown of the worst Oklahoma speed traps you'll want to avoid in your travels.

Keep in mind that this isn't every speed trap in Oklahoma. 55% of all Oklahoma towns generate at least 10% of their municipal revenue... These are just the overachievers.

Gallery Credit: Kelso

20 Worst Places To Live In Oklahoma

Contrary to popular belief, Oklahoma is growing. People are seeking a more affordable life, less big city, more room to grow, and the Sooner State fits that bill better than you think.

Our slow and steady growth year-over-year has gotten enough national attention to garner all sorts of new studies in the state, including this one.

Here are the 20 worst places to live in Oklahoma based on cost of living, crime rates, poverty stats, low wage issues, and more.

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