As we prepare for a 3 day weekend what exactly, if anything are we celebrating or observing? What is Labor Day, when did it start and why do we take Monday off? Not that I need a reason to take a day off work!

Labor Day weekend has always been the official unofficial end of Summer. The last big cookout of the season. At least for all you fair-weather grillers, you know who you are. It's also when the pools close and stores start stocking up on Fall and Winter clothing. You can also tell when Labor Day weekend wraps up, pumpkin spice is unleashed and it's all we'll smell for the next 6 months. God help us! Yep, Fall is almost here and we'll be heading into the silly season in no time with all it's glory.

I hope you have a great Labor Day weekend. Enjoy some time off with friends and family. My plans will revolve around the grill, hanging out and watching movies. Whatever you're up to or whoever you're with get out there and enjoy it!

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