Ready or Not, High School is back for the 2022 school season.  Schedules were released this week for each high school, and we have them for you all in one convenient location.

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High School Football, as much as classes beginning, marks the beginning of Fall in Oklahoma. In Lawton, the three secondary schools have just released the schedules for the fall season.

I'm proud to say that I'm an LHS Wolverine. Way back in my day, (said in a grandma's voice), our biggest rival was Eisenhower High School.  Mac was a 5a school so we really didn't play them.  The BIG game was always the last regular season game, and the hype surrounding the game week was epic.  The game usually signaled which team would continue to post-season play, so it was important, not just for that post-season play, but for school pride!

In recent years, however, the local games are the first ones played, taking that extra rivalry out of the equation.

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attachment-Printable Lawton High School Football Schedule - MaxPreps-page-001

No matter the team that you root for, you'll need to make sure you are sporting your team colors! We can help you with that too!  Many retailers cater to football fans of high school, college, and professional football.  I am not only a fan of Lawton High School, but because my children both attended MacArthur, I am a fan of Big Mac as well.  And when it comes to College, it's Boomer Sooner all the way.  I really don't have any preference for professional football, but in this region, I guess Dallas Cowboys would be America's and Oklahoma's team.

Here are some great places to find the perfect team wear in Lawton. Get decked out and get ready to support High School Football starting next weekend!

Local Teamwear Spots

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