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When you start celebrating this weekend, give in to the awe of being an American. Celebrate how you see fit, for you have that freedom. Personally, I like a traditional Independence Day celebration. A little food on the grill, a little bit of blowing stuff up later that evening, but the one absolute tradition I have is watching the greatest Fourth of July movie in the history of America, Jaws... and eating tacos.

I usually get some really messed up looks when I tell people that, but it's my own tradition. It started years ago when I first moved here to Lawton. Usually by July, your air conditioner compressor and coil unit out back needs a good cleaning to keep it operating at maximum cold efficiency. I usually set an alarm for dawn to get an early start in the cool morning dew, and do a complete tear down of the unit, soap it up, wash it out, soap it up again, wash it out again until the water runs clear below it. You'd be amazed how a few hours of tedious work on your outdoor unit can not only save you money on your cooling bill, but keep your house cooler at the same time.

Naturally, by the time I'd be done reassembling everything and putting the breaker fuse back in, it's hot, I'm tired, and I don't really want to do anything for the rest of the day. A quick shower, maybe a power nap to recharge, then homemade tacos on the grill and a full screening of Jaws. Ever since that first time, it just became my own tradition. I even convinced my parents to try it one year... not the cleaning of the AC unit, but tacos and Jaws. Mom makes the best tacos, and we screened Jaws on a projector and blow up screen by the pool. It was epic.

For the record, we filmed this when everybody was making memes about the whole "Filmed on iPhone 6" thing... It's pure shenanigans, it was a GoPro.

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