When it comes to the trained and badge-carrying dogs of Oklahoma's top police force, Fort Sill offers a perfect place to give those puppers a proper and safe place to sniff out things that go boom. Granted, the FBI has a hand in that too. When they're not spying on you and your internet history, they're providing lab grade explosives to train not only the Oklahoma Highway Patrol K-9's, but also those pups from OKCPD, Air Force, and US Army. Really makes you wonder how it all gets to SWOK in the first place.

Honestly, does the local FBI office just have a secured stash of pristine common and exotic explosives sitting around? Or is it shipped in? Flown in? Maybe that's why there was so much helicopter activity last week... Deep cover for the transport of the most dangerous substances in SWOK besides meth.

The real shocker here is the frequency mentioned in OHP's facebook post... This is a quarterly thing? Do sniffing police dogs have to re-qualify their talents every three months? Or perhaps Fort Sill just offers this to the various agencies once a quarter. They're always working to train new dogs, maybe it's just a coincidence agencies get to piggyback on to. I wonder if these dogs would mark someone like me. Odds are, as much as I enjoy my constitutional freedoms, there's probably gun powder residue on me four days a week. I wonder what the odds are in a crazy event transpiring that would even make that scenario possible.

It's good that agencies local and federal have little training exercises like this, albeit, it took a brave soul to call in the FBI with all those dogs present... They don't have the best track record for not shooting our four legged friends.

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