Don't let these adorable puppies fool you -- Dingos are jerks.

When we think of a dingo, we think of the 1988 movie 'A Cry in The Dark,' which we only know about because of the scene where Meryl Streep plays an Australian woman who tells authorities that a "dingo ate her baby." Spoiler alert: a dingo didn't eat her baby. Or...did it?

The movie was based on the real-life saga of Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton. Earlier this year Chamberlian-Creighton was finally absolved of the crime, with an inquiry concluding that a dingo -- a wild dog indigenous to Australia -- probably did kill her little girl.

Now we're getting word that dingos aren't just murderers, they are petty thieves, too.

Last week, a 58-year old British tourist had her bag containing thousands of dollars in cash and jewels snatched from her as she enjoyed the sun at an Australian beach. According to multiple witnesses it was a dingo that made off with the bag, and one of the witnesses was able to snap a photo of the offending beast in the act.

Based on that image, authorities were able to track down the wild dog, who had one white leg.

"It was established that this animal had been the subject of numerous complaints in the prior three months, jumping onto barbecues in the van park and approaching and stealing things from people," said a police spokesman.

The cops showed no mercy, shooting and killing the dingo. However none of the property the dog stole has been recovered. Sounds like it's time for another movie -- your move, Streep.