Most stay in school P.S.A's (Public Service Announcements) are filled with role models, known celebrities, rock stars and athletes who encourage young people by inspirational words of wisdom. Most hinge on the edge of annoying and are littered with all kinds of flowery imagines and touchy feely subject matter. Well at least they do in the U.S. anyway. Australia on the other hand is a whole different story...

This Australian P.S.A 'Set Yourself Free' is a blood soaked, gore infested warning to all kids to stay in school. Why? If not they might accidentally stumble into a live mine field because they couldn't read the signs and be blown up. That's how important getting an education is, NOW THAT'S EFFECTIVE!

If we had more 'Stay in School' P.S.A's like this in the states and instilled fear into the hearts and minds of our youth, maybe we'd have a better future. Or at the very least a lot less dumb asses running around! Be a good parent and show this to your young and impressionable child and be a part of the solution!

This is absolutely hilarious! Hit play and watch the most disturbing yet effective P.S.A in the history of mankind! Is it real? Who Cares, it's EPICALLY AWESOME!

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