Our second stop along the Lawton Discovery Trail is the Fort Sill Historic Landmark. Composed of 30 buildings housing a variety of exhibits, the Landmark is one-of-a-kind west of the Mississippi River.

Whether you want to learn more about the Buffalo soldiers, the local aviation history, or maybe even see the first gun ever used in a battle – Fort Sill Historic Landmark has it all.

Was Geronimo really a prisoner of war? Who were the Comanche Code Talkers, and what was life really like for our soldiers – to find the answers to these questions and more watch our mini-documentary.

Annually over 50, 000 people visit the Landmark and your family and you can visit it any day of the week – you can also schedule a tour guide, but call ahead of time to make such arrangements. The Landmark offers interactive games for the kids while the adults watch a short movie about the history of Fort Sill.

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