Jeff Goldblum is a weird dude, in the best way you can imagine. He has become that guy who sees the beauty and interesting details in the most mundane, less popular things in life. He appreciates the simple things. So Disney+ signed him on to put out a show of him traveling, exploring the intricacies of average, ordinary things like jeans, and in this case, coffee.

The coffee that brought Jeff to Oklahoma is one that not many people have had the privilege to enjoy. It's typically found at special events, or brewed on a wood-burning stove out in the middle of nowhere.

Not a "small town" type of nowhere... Quite literally, nowhere. This coffee is found in pastures at 4 AM so cattle-working ranch hands can get a pick-me-up before putting together a long hard day. It's made by Hollis, OK native Cowboy Kent Rollins.

Kent Rollins is a world-renowned, Bobby Flay slaying, cast iron culinary beast with the motto he lives by, "You can't get full on fancy." He and his wife put together recipe and cooking videos pretty regularly each week that are easy enough to follow regardless of your kitchen skills. Simple dishes made over a fire in simple cast iron that always please.

Kent also makes what nearly everyone agrees on as "the best" coffee you can sip on in the morning. There's no fancy pot, no pods, no percolators, Mr. Coffee machines, etc... Just an old enamel pitcher, a little water, loose grounds, high heat, and a lifetime of experience.

While he makes it look so easy, your guess is as good as mine. If you'd like to try it, here's the video of how to make it. He also sells his own brand of cowboy coffee on his official site, here.

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