Ever wondered how you could trick your sweet loving pupper into attacking you with the viciousness of a chihuahua? Of course, you dress up in one of those epic dinosaur blow-up costumes and invade his territory and sanctum of safety, the family back yard.

While that might not be how things ended up in this video, you can definitely see how that would be a concern. I don't care how sweet your dog is, he's only sweet until there's a threat. That's when the majority of dogs will transform into the protecting murder doggo. Whether you have a massive pit bull, golden retriever, lab, or even one of those little lap dogs that are practically cats, dogs will protect their pack. The only way I could see this scenario escalating is if that dinosaur was carrying pizza in a mail bag. Then it would be on like Donkey Kong. (Donkey Kong was a video game character and the origin of Super Mario. It was popular when I was a wee lad... I know, I'm old as balls)

Fun Fact: The dinosaur suit, when properly filtered at the fan, is an appropriate suit to wear to Walmart while shopping among the maskless mongrels that are there to exercise their rights to spread a virus responsible for the suckage of Roaring Twenties... They come in various sizes for adults and kids alike. Even the Karen's and Susan's of the world can fit those humongous heads in one of these, as the acceptance of respecting others health along side their own shrinks their superegos to a normal, almost human level.

Coronavirus is booming in Oklahoma... Don't contribute to the delinquency of the stupid.

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