Spending time in Lawton, it's easy to think our fantastic Wichita Mountains are all this state has to offer geographically, but Oklahoma is home to eight different mountain ranges that differ greatly in appearance, how, and what they're composed of.

Of course, the Wichita range is the most widely known. It's probably the oldest and relative tallest in the state. Out West, you'll dive parallel to the Quartz range. Similar in makeup, but different all the same.

Straight East, you'll find a paradise in the Ouachita Mountains. It's known as the only natural part of the state that experiences the colors of Fall. Entire mountains painted in hues from yellow to deep reds. It's a vacation part of the state offering crystal clear bodies of water, tremendously luxurious cabin rentals, hiking trails, and is Oklahoma's green country in terms of illegal pot grows.

We'll explore this year each of the ranges in Oklahoma. From the Arbuckles to the Antelope Hills. Glass Mountains out West to the Boston Mountains Northeast. There's eight on the list, let's get cracking.

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