In case you didn't know, there are a ton of posers walking around music festivals. If you have trouble spotting them, you might be the poser, but lets walk through this together. You see, for years, women have caught the worst of this 'poser' wrath at festivals because of a stereotype... People say women love to play dress-up, so they get their rattiest jeans and coolest shirts, tease that hair and cake on the makeup for the rock show right? At least that's what we've been taught. There is now definitive proof that dudes are just as guilty, but we don't assume they're posing because "Metal is what guys are into..."

Jared Dines, a musician and YouTuber, flips the script and this theory is blown way out of the pit. Most shockingly, and in the most hilarious thing I've seen all year, the dude wearing the Motley Crue tshirt practically had no idea who the band was at all! Not so shockingly, the dude rocking a Slayer logo couldn't hang, but as Slayer is now in fashion and vogue, it's not surprising. But Protest The Hero's biggest fan threw down the gauntlets when put on the spot, and absolutely won the internet for the day.

While you're more likely to see this at a festival, it's not unheard of at one-off concerts. I automatically assume if you're wearing a Ghost tshirt, and I ask you about their music, you'll talk about how awesome 'Square Hammer' was, maybe whip out 'Cirice,' but all in all, that's about the extent of it. Not that I'm a super fan. I'm the opposite. I just don't get how people can seriously talk about their music. But people don't buy their music... people buy their badass imagery. Honestly, if Ghost could pump out timeless hits like Metallica did until 1990, Ghost would rule the world.

Big shout out to Jared Dines and his amazing YouTube channel. It's a mixed bag of awesomeness... Lots of music, talent, funny stuff, and pure internet gold when the crowds are around to allow it.

Also, here's this little bit of madness i rabbit-holed into.


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