For years, scores of Chad's have taken maximum verbal carnage for drinking what some believe to be "inferior" beer. Bud Light may not have a home in your fridge, but this legend of a man will have no room in his for any other brand.

Wildfires have once again been sweeping through California. It seems year after year, the fires get bigger, lets hope they aren't traced back to arson this time around. Here's the story, meet Chad Little. He's a homeowner that has already lost his house once to fire, and amid a new raging torrent, he's decided it won't happen a second time. In rebuilding his home, he planned for more fires by adding tons of spigots around the property so he has access to the worlds most basic fire suppression system, a water hose. What he didn't know is this... The emergency management teams cut off water to his area when they saw the fire was headed that direction. Luckily, Chad was able to keep the flames at bay with water he had in a barrel, but also a thirty pack of his premium light beer.

You can make jokes all you want about it being water-beer, but if it works, it's not stupid right? Chad still has a shop thanks to his cobalt blue cans of the light stuff. It's got to be the most American event to happen on his property that day. Saving the shop with Bud Light. It's deserving of one of those classic "Real Men Of Genius" songs Bud Light used to advertise with... Call him Chad, the wildfire shop protector beer dowsing the shop fire guy. Salute.

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