When you're building a custom car, it's not the paint that impresses other car guys... It's the unique, one of a kind custom touches. Things like leading in a new body line, re-engineered dashes, or other mods that nobody has ever thought of. This guy took it to a whole new level on his, honestly, crappy Volvo 240.

You see, mostly in older cars, when you leave the lights on, or the keys in the ignition, when you hop out, there is a little chime to remind you to be an adult. It's intentionally annoying that way it grabs your attention. This way you don't accidentally run down a battery, or lock your keys inside. This guy figured out how to hack his chime, replacing the annoying 'ding' with an epic electronic version of Toto's 'Africa.'

Talk all the smack you want, that's an awesome song.

Bonus: Here's a better 'Africa' cover!

Double Bonus: I'm pretty sure this is where he got the digital track from...

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