If you didn't know, Giant Jinga is practically THE official pastime here at Z94. It's easy and quick to set up, and requires minimal skill and thought. You pull blocks and move 'em. Critter and I are the current reigning tied champions locally. We've had to remove ceiling tiles due to the amazing height before. To say we take it seriously is an understatement.

This guy pulls off something we've both tried in the past. There comes a point in every game where this is the only move on the board, and whoever gets stuck with it usually falls in defeat... That being said, this proves that it can be done.

In the quick-study of magnificent, looks like the pro-tip is to pull this off on the upper area of the pile. Where there's enough weight to stay immobile and fall into place without being too heavy to travel with and topple. A bold strategy Cotton. Bold.

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