As if the threat of severe weather wasn't enough, the Sooner State started Monday off with an earthquake.

Things are getting crazy in Oklahoma, and no it wasn't your imagination the U.S. Geological Survey reported that we had a 4.6 magnitude earthquake earlier this morning around 11:00-am CST. The center of the quake was near Medford, OK. and felt all over the state including Oklahoma City, Enid, Norman, Shawnee, Stillwater, and elsewhere. Afterward, a 2.5 magnitude aftershock was felt in the Medford and surrounding area.

At this time the Seismicity Department and the Oklahoma Geological Survey are investigating the quake and will be reporting back their findings. Not too sure about damages right now, but it was definitely felt and could have caused some damage to structures and other property. In Lawton, we didn't feel anything, but I'm wondering if they felt it in nearby Meers and out at the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.

I guess there's a fault out there that is studied and recorded. I'm betting this latest quake will make the evening news. Remember the big earthquake in Oklahoma back in 2016? Hit play on the video below:     

We made the evening news back in 2016 for a 5.1 to 5.8 magnitude earthquake and while this one wasn't as severe at 4.6 it's still a big quake, at least for Oklahoma anyway. I'm not too sure if we would have even thought twice about it if we felt it in Lawton. Most of us would have thought it was Fort SIll, or at least that's what has happened in the past. The ground around here shakes pretty often, I doubt we would have noticed.

There's a really cool website that will list any and all earthquakes in the state. You can click here to visit the site. That way if you're unsure, especially if you're living in Lawton you can check to see if it was an earthquake or Fort Sill. Plus the website tracks earthquakes in real-time and records location, magnitude, and dates//time. So along with tornadoes, we have to track earthquakes, that's great!

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