For about a decade, there has been a lot of talk about using psychedelics to treat veterans with PTSD. Miracle type responses that curbed rage and dark thoughts in as little as one dose. But as MDMA is still an illegal substance, Uncle Sam couldn't get behind it beyond allowing independent researchers to do the science.

I'll never forget the discussion I had with a veteran buddy who was beside himself the day the Special-K ketamine clinic opened. This is the bible belt after all... He also couldn't believe the government allowed other clinics the ability to experiment with ecstasy. Across the world, research is showing a very favorable response to these methods. And while it's gaining popularity, it's still in the beginning stages to become actual prescribed treatment for so many that return home with the incredibly heavy emotional baggage of war.

We can only hope this might be the road that ends the staggering and unacceptable levels of PTSD driven suicide.

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