It's been called "Pure Americana." Some say it's world famous, others just say it's a mandatory stop on the Route 66 Mother Road Journey everyone must make on the drive from Chicago to Los Angeles. When I was there, we thought it was more of an eyesore and a thing of nightmares, but since the renovation, Oklahoma's Blue Whale has become larger than anyone thought.

As the story goes, in the 1970's, the man that really grew an animal outpost into the famous Tulsa Zoo, Hugh Davis, was looking for the perfect anniversary gift to bestow upon his wife. Having traveled the globe in search of animals to bring home, he finally settled on building her a giant blue whale on a private pond they could all enjoy. You see, Hugh's wife collected whale figurines. It was a thoughtful gift. Included in this kooky and creative thing is plenty of room for laying out in the sun, a slide and a diving platform to really make the kids enjoy the pond as well. As time went on and more people found out, Hugh installed a beach, put in picnic tables and even hired a lifeguard when he opened the area up to the public. Years later, a small town accessory has become something of worldwide fame.

Nowadays, the swimming is off limits, but everyone is welcome to fish the waters provided they don't keep their catch. Anyone is welcome to explore the area, have a picnic, and take massive amounts of selfies just to say you've been there. Since the renovation, it's been in tons of television shows, millions of photos, it's all over YouTube, and it's right here within a few hours of Southwest Oklahoma. If you find yourself somewhere around Tulsa, you might have to carve out an hour to go see the famous Blue Whale of Catoosa.

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