It can't just be me, surely everyone else has noticed the over abundance of cliche phrases and keywords we keep hearing over and over in commercials. I think the only thing more annoying than the virus itself are these advertisements. At first they might have been pleasant, maybe even effective. Now they're everywhere and there seems to be no end in sight for these nauseatingly predictable adds. It sounds like all the advertisers are using the exact same script. And for the most part they are. It's like a race to see who can be more socially conscious.

How many times have you heard "In these...Pick one or two...challenging, difficult, trying, unprecedented, uncertain times" or "Now more than ever" along with "We're all in this together" how about "The distance between us has grown but we're connected like never before" another one "We're here for you, you can count on us" yep there's more "Your safety and well being is of upmost concern" wait there's more "We've always been here for you, always will be" or the best one yet "The new normal." I still have no idea what that's suppose to mean.

It's definitely gotten out of hand. Do these advertisers really think we're buying the message, or their products due to their overuse of these feelgood phrases or catchwords? I seriously doubt anyone is paying attention to these adds, at least not now. It's become a monotonous never ending series, like one long boring commercial. I get it, they want and need your business and don't want to come off appearing disconnected, unfeeling, greedy, or like a bunch of opportunistic profit driven scumbags. See I can use catchwords and phrases too. Thank God COVID-19 didn't happen in February. Can you imagine how crappy the commercials would have been during the Big Game? Oh' the humanity!

In my honest, humble, non-bias opinion advertisers should just go back to doing regular commercials. I'd probably respect them more and it beats what they're currently doing with all the subliminal and even over the top we care B.S. Or better yet, maybe they should act like this is this Big Game and come with their best and funniest commercials. We could all use a laugh and some normalcy right now. Or at least I could anyway...

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