We're sure to see a Karen, maybe even a Chad or two from Lawton, Fort Sill  make an appearance on "America's Next Top Karen." It's the all new reality TV show none of us wanted, but possibly deserve. If one of our several, maybe thousands of Karens from Lawton don't make the cut to be on the show they'll be sure to contact the studio heads and demand it. We've got plenty to choose from and I'm almost positive the next big winner lives here, or at least it seems likely. I mean have you been to Walmart lately? They're everywhere!

Now obviously this is all a big joke thanks to the hilariously demented minds of the  YouTube channel Hatched. It's another great parody and sadly I think we could honestly have a show like this, especially now. The fake teaser promo has all the usual Karen lines like "Can I speak to the manager" of course the unforgettable "How much longer will it be" and it wouldn't be a show about Karens without "I'm gonna call the cops." They're all here in this all new reality TV game show that's sure to cause mass fits and meltdowns.

I'm sure at this very moment there's a Karen somewhere furiously writing a complaint letter or email to anyone who will listen about this fake TV show and parody. Even if it's not real they're insulted and demand satisfaction, or there will be hell to pay.

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