Welcome to the new reality of a green agenda. While cannabis is celebrated as natural and 'of the Earth', it's ironic that growing this billion dollar plant may leave the environment worse for ware. It stems not only from the less-than-honest farming habits of illegal growers, but from some of those who are licensed too. It appears that guidelines are what this industry lacks in the worse way.

I wouldn't knee-jerk on that thought. This is most likely a way to push the green movement forward. This may lay the groundwork for a call to the EPA and USDA. An environmental need to establish management and agriculture standards across the board, which they can only do after reclassifying weed back into a viable, legal, legitimate agriculture crop. Sounds good, but there are repercussions of that action too.

As strict guidelines are set, there is a chance the independent farmer will disappear from that industry too. Some see it as an invitation to create another huge industry where only corporations can take on the manufacturing cost. We've seen this happen to farmers and ranchers alike across America, how can we expect different for pot farmers?

California has already seen a lifting of cultivation restrictions. Farms are no longer restricted to a set number of plants. While it's good for the small guy now, it only invites industry to take over. While overall quality might typically lull, the environmental quality of producing bulk might improve.

Whether you like it or not, this has the possibility to effect everyone and everything. Some call it a wolf in sheeps clothing, others see it as a path to make independent farming more profitable and less dependent on agriculture welfare.

Don't forget, Oklahoma is voting on our own medical marijuana futures this June. You should make a plan to show up to the polls and vote your conscience, whatever it be.

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