I'm sure by now you've seen all the memes on social media and false statements that wearing a face mask and carrying a concealed firearm is illegal. This is completely untrue, it's a myth. A lot of people are concerned about their Second Amendment rights and self-defense options they can lawfully perform during the COVID-19 pandemic. With all the mandatory face mask orders that seem to be popping up everywhere there's a lot of questions and confusion about this topic. Several people have asked and are concerned about Oklahoma state laws concerning wearing a mask and carrying a firearm. That's completely understandable, but don't believe everything you're seeing and reading online. There's a ton of misinformation about this topic so beware and do your own fact checking.

"Don't believe everything you read on the internet" - Abraham Lincoln

I find it humorous that Facebook and Twitter spend an incredible amount of time and energy on "independent fact checking," yet no one has flagged this falsehood as non-factual and completely untrue. Of course when it comes to firearms social media is no friend to the Second Amendment. So if people keep seeing these memes and statements and take them at face value as true they don't seem to care. So to clear things up you can absolutely carry a firearm while wearing a mask or face covering. Oklahoma state gun laws DO NOT PROHIBIT you from doing so.

Sure the state of Oklahoma has several laws and statutes on the books regarding masks and firearms. However they center around wearing a mask to conceal one's identity while committing crimes such as robbery and other felony actions. Oklahoma legislators are working on clearing up some of the language for both licensed concealed carry and constitutional carry situations when a face mask is being worn. Even so at this time nothing prohibits a law abiding citizen from carrying a firearm while wearing a mask. If the mask is being worn for LEGAL PURPOSES such as health, safety, medical etc. So basically if you can legally purchase, own and carry a firearm and you're wearing a mask for lawful purposes...You're good to go. Don't let these false memes and unchecked statements keep you from protecting yourself and loved ones.

The above video is very helpful in clearing up much of the confusion and misunderstanding on face masks and firearms. A big thanks to Don Spencer and Ok2a (Oklahoma Second Amendment Association) for addressing this, bringing some truth and fact to the matter. Now whenever a friend, family member or just some random person on social media shares these fake/false memes or statements set them straight and spread the word that wearing a mask DOES NOT keep you from exercising your Constitutional right to keep and bear arms or your God given right to self defense!

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