When I lived in Texas, in traveling between Corpus Christie and home sweet home Northern Oklahoma, I was always curious to stop off at some of the famously named small towns along the highway. I always wondered what Paris, Texas looked like or if Bel-Aire, Texas was fancy.

Turns out, Oklahoma features the same copycat name trend of big famous cities, though, I will admit... when these towns were named, I doubt the bigger famous cities were the stature that they are today.

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    Just outside of Tulsa, OK, if you're traveling any of the highways/turnpikes on the Western side of the city, you'll no doubt see a sign or two for Cleveland, OK. It's not the sprawling metropolis you'd expect, it's really a small town. Not real small, they have a Walmart Supercenter there now, but still pretty small.

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    If you've ever driven to Stillwater, home of world famous Eskimo Joe's, you've surely seen the sign for Orlando, OK. A very small town just West of I-35. Never been there personally, don't know why I'd ever go.

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    Before you hop on me about how it's not pronounced "My-Am-Mee" and instead "My-Am-Muh" shut it... I know that. I'm from Oklahoma too you know. Another small town way out in the middle of nowhere. If it were known for anything, it's the big casino's all of those Joplin, MO people flock to over the border.

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    Pittsburgh, OK is down in SEOK and it's claim to fame is The Company Store... No, not the world famous sheet selling Company Store... it's just a gas station.

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    Santa Fe

    I highly doubt there are a bunch of artsy hippies in this Santa Fe. Just South of Velma-Alma, it's literally a small community of a half dozen (or so) houses.

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    St. Louis

    Another SEOK town where the Google Maps Street View indexes to an empty fifty year old rusted out playground, St. Louis, OK is a small town South of Shawnee. If there's not a good BBQ joint there, they're just wasting all of our time.

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    Good old Chatty! Located just Southwest of Lawton, well, quite a was Southwest, it's the town my grandpa almost moved my fathers family to for work way back in the day. Had he done that, I wouldn't be typing this today. Crazy how things work out.

    Chatty's claim to fame is this... It's where all the good looking girls in SWOK come from.

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    Since you're on the road, don't skip the drive through Yukon Territory. While the city is continually growing, there's a shocking amount of small-town charm still surviving there.

    From mom & pop restaurants to trinket shops on the lonely small stretch of Main Street they have left, you might even find a little gold for yourself.

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    Burbank is the home of Hollywood and movie sets in California... Oklahoma's version couldn't be more different. Rural, rugged, and very spread out. It's a farming and oil community around the first Oklahoma lake on the Arkansas River within our borders. Nobody goes to Burbank if they don't live there.

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    Fargo, OK is way up in NWOK, about halfway between Woodward and the Texas border. It's claim to fame is being a rest stop for weary anglers looking to strike it big at Fort Supply. That and having a massive public working windmill.

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