So unreasonable changes? Sounds like a normal season to me.

I know a lot of us just want 2020 to be over or maybe you just want something to look forward to. Good news if you're someone that likes winter, the farmers almanac is predicting temperamental weather for our area. Wild swings from mild to tranquil, to cold and wintry. Sounds like Wichita Falls weather for sure, temperamental is a nice way to put it.

Now maybe you're someone that goes, I only read the OLD Farmers' Almanac. Well, well, well, they also have their predictions for this year. They're saying a not too cold and not too wet winter for us. Which is how I would want it. If I wanted snow, I would not live in Texas.

I'm not a big believer in any of the Farmers' Almanacs. They say they have a scientific method behind it, but they're only right about half the time. Unless you're Marty McFly coming from the future with an almanac, I'm not going to believe you.


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