Griddy Electric warned people that high bills were coming and one Odessa man just got his bill.

So I have been waiting for a followup to this story for days now, but in case you missed it last week. Griddy Electric warned their customers that high bills were coming. In fact, the bills would be so high that they told people to cancel their service. So people had to make the decision, cancel and freeze, or pay out the butt.

Many were wondering, how bad could it be? Johnny Sagnileni decided to check out his bill and it is TWELVE THOUSAND DOLLARS. I do not have a gas heater myself, so I am prepared for a high electric bill this month. Mine, better look nothing like Johnny's here.

He says he usually pays around 14 cents per kilowatt of electricity. The way Griddy Electric works, you pay what the electrical company pays. So if the demand is high you pay more. Johnny Sagnileni was spending nine hundred dollars per kilowatt last week.

“They want me to do a pay plan. On a pay plan, on a pay-as-you-go...if I admit to that pay plan, I’m admitting to that amount. I’m not gonna admit to that amount. That’s a lot of money,” said Sagnileni. Johnny had the perfect analogy for Griddy Electric, 'It's like playing with the stock market for your electric bill.'

Griddy announced last week that they had 29,000 customers. I'm sure many were like Johnny and didn't cancel. I know I wouldn't want to cancel and freeze. We will see what happens with Griddy Electric. I know they have some angry customers right now and I don't see people lining up to sign up right now.

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