Now that things are starting to warm up just a little outside, it's the perfect time to build a snowman, or two. The snow we saw over the past several days has been very dry and powdery, especially with the below zero temperatures. It's starting to melt some and that makes for prefect packing for snowballs and snowman building. You need the snow to be a little wet so you can get it to stick and shape. Now's the time to get out there and build the perfect snowman before it all melts away.

It's very unusual for S.W. Oklahoma to get the kind of snow fall and temperatures we've seen lately so you have to make the most of it when it happens. Sure it's been a crazy and tough couple of days and no one likes being cooped up in the house. It's kind of fun at first, but eventually boredom sets in and you start looking for things to do, especially if you have kids. So why not bundle up and have a little winter fun.

I know what you're thinking, "Surely everyone knows how to build a snowman." You'd be surprised, a lot of people never get the opportunity, or they don't live in an area that gets the kind of snow needed to build a good snowman. Luckily there's always a video on YouTube that can help out. Just hit play and in a short (1:30) you'll be all set and ready to build a snowman like a pro. You'll have a few days to test your skills before it's all gone. It's not every day Oklahoma gets this kind of snow so time's a wasting...

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