So the story goes, this guy bought himself a brand new (alleged) $90k Platinum F-250 Superduty. It suffers from what Jeep owners know as 'death wobble.'  It's terrifying if you've ever experienced it. It's also something that should not be happening on a factory vehicle.

After complaining to the dealership he bought the truck from, they tried their best to find the problem, but ultimately failed. There are no details yet on whether there is a larger-than-factory tire mounted, which can create such a wobble, so we're still speculating here. Then, this dealership is sticking to the story that F-250 trucks aren't designed to drive over 65MPH. I can't even imagine the nerve it would take to say something like that with a straight face.

The story is still developing, but it's already made for some hilarious threads out in the forums. Let's just hope this poor dude is protected under his states lemon laws. I'm sure the web will eventually teach the dealership a lesson, seeing as that's what people do these days.

We'll follow up when there's an update.

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