Sleep. It's not a complicated thing. You get tired, you plop down, shut your eyes, and wake up refreshed later. I bet you can even feel how comfortable your bed is just by thinking about it. Now imagine your one of the few humans that gets to leave this planet. Floating around in the cosmos, circling the earth at incredible speeds, watching a new sunrise every seventeen minutes... but how do you sleep?

Most astronauts talk about how cool it is to float, but very few have talked about the challenge it is to live in zero-gravity. As humans are pretty resilient, we can apparently get used to it rather quick. A few days in a canvas bag, and you're good to go. Sleeping weightless in a make-shift hammock/sleeping bag hybrid is said to be the best sleep a human can get. Zero tossing and turning. Just pure comfort.

One of these days, I'm convinced a two day trip to space will be as affordable as a three-day weekend in Cancun, but your odds of being murdered will be eternally better.

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